Virginia Country Club

This recently completed project in April 2020 was a country club in Herndon Virginia. The project consisted of the design and fabrication of aprox. 300 linear ft of our stainless steel cable handrail system SP1-2000. The material used was a quality 304 stainless steel with a brushed satin finish. Our SP1 System is fabricated with 1 1/2″ round top cap and 1 1/2″ square posts. The cable inlay was 3/16” diameter 1X19 cable with swage fittings. This system was installed to replace a company’s aluminum cable railing that did not meet code or the customer’s expectations. We were able to help the client get the product they were looking for while meeting all code requirements and expectations. Check out our stainless steel cable rails here

Illuminated Backyard Oasis

This recent project features our RP1-2000 Cable Railing System with our newly redesigned LitRail LED spot system on a water front property in Florida. This new LED system gives a cleaner and more modern look with its clear lens, 316 stainless steel beauty ring and petite size. It’s a great way to make your hand rail not just shine, but illuminate as well. That’s not all the new system does. It consumes less power and produces more light without being bulky and unattractive. This new LED system is far more versatile and compatible with more of our systems than our old LEDs. We can now offer LED functionality with almost all of our systems, thus allowing you to get the look you want with the options you want too. This job consisted of some custom stair work and a 2 part balcony.

Click here for more information about LED railing options.

Estherville Iowa Hospital

This recent project features our trellis system 2000-60 on an exterior wall at a hospital in Iowa. This unique design at Avera Holy Hospital in Estherville Iowa was crafted by Perspective Inc. and contracted by Journey Construction. This trellis system is suited for foliage applications such as jasmine, gardenia, rose bushes, climbing roses and other similar plants. Our wall trellis is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel. The wall standoffs are available in 2” and 3” offsets from the wall. These CNC Machined components, along with the polished stainless steel cables and fittings, offer an aesthetically pleasing look while the foliage is growing.

The 2000-60 Stainless Steel Cable Trellis System is ideal for residential or commercial installation. Create a living wall in a garden, outdoor restaurant, downtown business district or other locale by installing the stainless steel cable trellis system between two structures. Plant a climbing vine in the ground near the trellis and train the plant to climb the cable trellis system. The system can be utilized in both tropical and moderate climates.

James Museum

The James Museum in downtown St.Peterburg, Florida is one of Seco South’s recent accomplishments. Together with the architectural firm of Wannemacher Jensen and General Contractor, The Beck Group, we collaborated on a variety of designs for both interior and exterior applications. Interior railing systems included a stainless steel glass button railing on a featured catwalk, stainless steel LED illuminated wall mounted hand grab rail and stainless steel wall cap rail. The exterior railing included a custom stainless steel cable handrail system designed by Wannemacher Jensen and Seco South, wall mounted hand rails and ADA ramp railings. Portions of the exterior were also LED illuminated. In addition to the ornamental handrails , we also provided stainless steel trench drain covers for the exterior of the building and aluminum perforated air diffuser panels for the HVAC system.


Another recent project by Seco South was the new Hydrologic Plumbing and Lighting facility in Sarasota, Florida. Karcher construction located in Largo, FL chose our SPG2-2000 glass handrail system for this project. The system design consists of the following:

– 1 ½” square profile vertical post
– 1 ½” dia. round top cap
– 1 ½” dia. round hand grab
– ½” thick tempered glass panels

The project consisted of 200ft of railing for a feature staircase and balcony. The metal framework of the railing was installed and then electrostatically painted onsite. Afterwards the tempered glass panels were installed using compression clamps which held the glass in place.
The entire project was completed in a 6 week time frame and this included submittal drawings, fabrication and installation. Please contact our sales staff for assistance on any railing projects we might be able to help your company with.

University of Tampa – Stainless Steel Handrails

Another recent project completed in November 2018 by Seco South was Smiley Hall located on the University of Tampa campus. Smiley Hall is one of University of Tampa’s “traditional” residence halls.

Crossroads Construction was contracted to renovate the hall and invited Seco South to participate in the renovation. This project required removal of the existing railing system and an all new stainless steel railing system to be installed. The new stainless steel railing consisted of approximately 220 linear ft. It included 5 stairs and an interior mezzanine. The design of the railing system chosen was our RB1-2000 which included 1 ½ “ square vertical post, a 2” diameter top cap, and a 1 ½ “diameter hand grab. The infill for this system is a horizontal bar design using a ½ “ diameter round bar which passed through a decorative bar holder attached to each vertical post. The finish on the stainless steel was a no. 3 brushed satin.

St. Petersburg College Marine Science Center – Stainless Steel and Aluminum Handrails

Another recent project completed in November 2017 for Seco South was the SPC Marine Science Center in Bay Pines, FL. The unique design was created by Rowe Architects and Seco South was contracted by Biltmore Construction to perform the work. This project consisted of the design, fabrication and installation of 550 linear ft of our stainless steel cable handrail system SP1-2000. The material used to combat the salty conditions near the intracoastal waterway was a marine-grade Type 316 stainless steel with a finely brushed finish on the material. A 3/16" diameter stainless steel cable system was used as the railing infill system to provide a marine aesthetic while maximizing views and allowing adequate wind flow. In addition to the stainless steel railing, we also provided our SL1-2000 aluminum railing for the rooftop mechanical equipment and we even manufactured a custom aluminum dumpster gate. The biggest challenge we faced was designing, fabricating and installing the perforated aluminum sun screens required by Rowe Architects to help control the ambient temperature of the building. These aluminum sun screens were installed directly to the steel super structure of the building using proprietary methods for keeping dissimilar metals from reacting with each other. The final finish on the sun screens was a marine grade powder coated surface.

Watch our video here.

Warren Hope Dawson Elementary School – Custom Aluminum Railing

Seco South was contracted by The BECK Group to manufacture and install 1,100 feet of a custom aluminum handrail system for the new Dawson Elementary School located in Riverview, Florida. This project consisted of a fully-welded aluminum frame manufactured from 3"×3" vertical post and a 3"×6" top cap. The architectural firm of Holmes Hepner & Associates chose a unique aluminum grill design for the handrail infill which was manufactured by Ohio Gratings and integrated into the railing framework by Seco South. The challenge was to install this aluminum railing on steel stringers and embeds. To achieve this we welded stainless steel support legs to the steel. The aluminum railings were then slipped over the support legs and secured with a decorative stainless steel fastener. The finish on the railing system was a silver anodized powder coat finish. The entire 1,100 feet of the railing was manufactured and installed in 5 weeks.

The Tampa Riverwalk – Stainless Steel Cable Railing

The City of Tampa had proposed the concept for a river walk in the mid 1970s. In the early 2000s the concept regained interest and since then has been developing a hot spot on the Downtown Tampa waterfront. It has added to the modern architecture prevalent downtown and successfully connected many of the parks together, creating an enjoyable place to jog, bike, or walk. The Tampa RiverWalk has become a unique, fun destination in the city.

This custom railing system was a continuation of the Water Works Park that was completed in August of 2014 and Seco supplied the same railing system for this project. Therefore, the design of the railing system was intended to be the same and connected to the Water Works Park railing where it was ended in 2014. This stainless steel system is a proprietary railing system design for harsh exterior conditions that provides maximum visibility and air flow which is ideal for river fronts, pools, dock-sides, balconies, etc. For this project we worked with the Principal Landscape Architect from URS and Nelson Construction.

University of Tampa – Stainless Steel System

McKay Hall originally opened in 1959 as a men’s only residence. By 2015 it was decided that major renovations were needed. Teaming up with Crossroads Construction and Andy Dohmen of Design Styles Architecture, we delivered a modern style that compliments the amenities and luxuries found throughout the university’s multi-floor living spaces. We responded to the general contractor’s call for a fast install and we were able to turn the project over quickly.

Unique about this project, the architect’s design called for 1/2″ diameter rod to act as the infill. Each layer of rod passed through a series of stainless steel stand offs attached to the post. This is called a stainless steel horizontal tube infill system.

The University of Tampa was born out of a transformation from the Tampa Junior College in 1933. The building, built during 1888-1891, was originally purposed for the Tampa Bay Hotel, one of the city’s most historical landmarks. The builder, Henry B. Plant, a 20th century railroad and shipping mogul, has largely been credited for helping form Tampa into the bustling city it is today. The history is just as rich as the architecture, University of Tampa utilizes a combination of distinctive Victorian gingerbread, Moorish minarets, domes, and more.