Estherville Iowa Hospital


Project Stats

Name of Person or Business: Avera Holy Hospital

Date of Installation: 2019

New or Existing Construction: New

Location of Project: Estherville Iowa


Style/Name of Railing or Product: Trellis System 2000-60

Materials Used: Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Partners: Perspective Inc & Journey Construction

This recent project features our trellis system 2000-60 on an exterior wall at a hospital in Iowa. This unique design at Avera Holy Hospital in Estherville Iowa was crafted by Perspective Inc. and contracted by Journey Construction. This trellis system is suited for foliage applications such as jasmine, gardenia, rose bushes, climbing roses and other similar plants. Our wall trellis is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel. The wall standoffs are available in 2” and 3” offsets from the wall. These CNC Machined components, along with the polished stainless steel cables and fittings, offer an aesthetically pleasing look while the foliage is growing.

The 2000-60 Stainless Steel Cable Trellis System is ideal for residential or commercial installation. Create a living wall in a garden, outdoor restaurant, downtown business district or other locale by installing the stainless steel cable trellis system between two structures. Plant a climbing vine in the ground near the trellis and train the plant to climb the cable trellis system. The system can be utilized in both tropical and moderate climates.