Project Stats

Name of Person or Business: Dan Karcher Construction

Date of Installation: Oct. 2018

New or Existing Construction: New

Location of Project: Sarasota, Florida

Coverage: 200 ft

Style/Name of Railing or Product: SPG-2000

Materials Used: 304 Stainless Steel

Partners: Karcher Construction

Another recent project by Seco South was the new Hydrologic Plumbing and Lighting facility in Sarasota, Florida. Karcher construction located in Largo, FL chose our SPG2-2000 glass handrail system for this project. The system design consists of the following:

– 1 ½” square profile vertical post
– 1 ½” dia. round top cap
– 1 ½” dia. round hand grab
– ½” thick tempered glass panels

The project consisted of 200ft of railing for a feature staircase and balcony. The metal framework of the railing was installed and then electrostatically painted onsite. Afterwards the tempered glass panels were installed using compression clamps which held the glass in place.
The entire project was completed in a 6 week time frame and this included submittal drawings, fabrication and installation. Please contact our sales staff for assistance on any railing projects we might be able to help your company with.