Illuminated Backyard Oasis


Project Stats

Name of Person or Business: Valued Customer

Date of Installation: 2020

New or Existing Construction: New

Location of Project: Water front property on the west coast of florida

Coverage: 300

Style/Name of Railing or Product: RP1-2000 with LED Lighting

Materials Used: 316 Stainless Steel and HQ LEDs


This recent project features our RP1-2000 Cable Railing System with our newly redesigned LitRail LED spot system on a water front property in Florida. This new LED system gives a cleaner and more modern look with its clear lens, 316 stainless steel beauty ring and petite size. It’s a great way to make your hand rail not just shine, but illuminate as well. That’s not all the new system does. It consumes less power and produces more light without being bulky and unattractive. This new LED system is far more versatile and compatible with more of our systems than our old LEDs. We can now offer LED functionality with almost all of our systems, thus allowing you to get the look you want with the options you want too. This job consisted of some custom stair work and a 2 part balcony.

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