Q-line Stainless Steel Railing System DL1-2000

Q-line Stainless Steel Railing System System DL1-2000

The DL1-2000 is our double line railing system. This railing system is similar to the single line but has an additional horizontal bar that runs midway between the top of the rail and the ground. This railing system is ideal for areas that do not need to meet the 4" sphere code requirement but still keeps pedestrians on a guided path.

  • This system uses a 1 1/2" dia. round profile for the vertical post, top cap and mid-section post.
  • The vertical post and mid-section post are all coped and welded to the top cap to form a completely welded railing system.
  • Lighted rail option available.

This system can be surface mounted, fascia mounted or core drilled. The standard finish is a #4 brushed satin but others finishes are available.