Standing Rigging Measurement Guide

What will you need?

  1. Tape

  2. Marker

  3. An anchor point (screw or nail on flat open area) and or another person if possible.

  4. A metal or non-stretch measuring tape.

Prep and measurement:

  1. Make sure all adjustable rigging is set to normal sailing tension
  2. Wrap a piece of tape around each side of the turnbuckle to mark your desired tension.

  3. Tag all of your rigging with a piece of tape before you remove it.
  4. Remove rigging from the boat and reassemble it the way it was on your boat. (Set your turn buckles to were you marked with your tape.)
  5. Identify your bearing surface and attach it to your anchor point. Remove clevis pins and secure with tape or have someone hold if necessary.

  6. Examples of bearing surface:

  7. Attach your tape measure to your anchor point and ensure the tab is secure. (Use tape or have someone hold if necessary.)

  8. Examples of measuring from bearing surface:

  9. Run your tape all the way from your anchor to point to the bearing surface at the other end of your rigging. Pull your rigging and tape measure tight and make sure your tape measure and rigging are straight in line with each other. This will ensure you are getting the most accurate measurement.

  10. Write down your part name and measurement and continue the process until all necessary measurements have been made. It is important to get the name of your parts correct with this method because you will be asked the exact measurement of each piece of standing rigging at point of purchase.

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