Stainless Steel Vertical Cable Railing System VC1-2000


The VC1-2000 cable railing system is our vertical cable railing system.

  • The vertical post is a 2" × 2" rectangular profile.
  • The horizontal upper and lower posts that the cable attaches to are a 1 1/2" × 1 1/2" square profile.
  • The top cap is a 2" dia. round profile and attaches to the vertical post mechanically so no welding is necessary.
  • The handrail if applicable is designed from a 1 1/2" stainless steel tube.
  • The cable infill system consist of 1/8" dia. 1×19 cable 3" o.c. with a decorative dome head fitting at the upper and an adjustable fitting at the lower end for tensioning.
  • Lighted rail options available.

This system can be surface mounted, fascia mounted or core drilled. The standard finish is a #4 brushed satin but others finishes are available.

This is a welded stainless steel railing system with vertical stainless steel cable infills. The system is designed with options for either bolt in or core drilled cable railing applications.